Canadian Association of Municipal Fleet Managers

Connecting and supporting Canada's municipal fleet professionals

Allowing fleet professionals to use CAMFM as a source for the most current trends, high-quality tools and resources, and exceptional education to improve all aspects of their fleet management programs.

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CAMFM is here to promote the exchange of information between the members, including but not limited to technical specifications, vehicle and equipment safety, best practices; to share results of trials, pilot projects and studies on alternate fuels, various types of vehicles and equipment; to cooperate and collaborate on environmental initiatives through the members, provide participating municipalities with potential cost savings or cost avoidance on fleet related activities.


As new member or renewing member you are in good company with other fleet professionals who are facing the same issues and solving the same problems as you every day.
Member Benefits:

  • Sharing ideas and experience on best practices, money saving ideas, innovation, creativity, industry trends, industry research
  • National professional contacts and peer networking opportunities
  • Opportunities to build trusting colleague relationships
  • Annual General Meeting with additional learning opportunities round tables
  • Links to benchmarking expertise
  • Website access to member discussions and information, library of documents contributed by members, and links of member recommended training/development for Fleet staffs

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All Members of CAMFM are Municipal in nature, Canadian, Industry Leaders, and Committed to the Environmental In pursuit of Excellence Fleet professionals. To join CAMFM, please fill out our online application form.

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